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The Lonely Bliss of the Cannonball Luke (comedy / romance) X
Dir. Levi Abrino
The Lonely Bliss of the Cannonball Luke    

The Launch

The Lift

William's Christening (mystery / drama) X
Dir. Joshua Hume
William's Christening    

William's Theme

Dear Lemon Lima (comedy / drama) X
Dir. Suzi Yoonessi
Dear Lemon Lima    



Manhattan Melody (comedy / drama) X
Dir. Sasha Gordon
Manhattan Melody    

Holly's Theme

In The Blood (thriller / horror) X
Dir. Lou Peterson
In The Blood    

Opening Titles

Closing Credits

Jessica's Theme

Victor On Campus

Little Accidents (drama) X
Dir. Sara Colangelo
Little Accidents    

Land Theme


God of Love (comedy) X
Dir. Luke Matheny
God of Love    

Dart Theme

Camp Victory, Afghanistan (documentary) X
Dir. Carol Dysinger
Camp Victory, Afghanistan    



Break Away (comedy / drama) X
Dir. Molly Cooper
No Image    

Closing Credits

The Kook (mystery) X
Dir. Greg Mitnick & Nat Johnson
The Kook    



Wicked Desire (drama / coming-of-age) X
Dir. Angela Cheng
No Image    

Opening Titles


Fighter (drama / romance) X
Dir. Sharon Barnes

AJ's Theme

Opening Titles

Closing Credits

Beauty Remains (Mei ren yi jiu) (drama / romance) X
Dir. Ann Hu
Beauty Remains    

Opening Titles

A Walk in the Rain

Tomorrow Arigato (romantic comedy) X
Dir. Jae Cho
Tomorrow Arigato    

First Kiss


You Should Have The Body (drama / suspense) X
Dir. Michael Masarof
You Should Have the Body    

Opening Titles


Earano (romantic comedy) X
Dir. Luke Matheny



Opening Titles

Balcony Scene


The Tom Doyle Players (musical) X
Dir. Sasha Gordon
The Tom Doyle Players    

Opening Titles

The Red Scare (comedy / drama) X
Dir. Amanda Laws
The Red Scare    

Spying Mission

Hoovering Theme

Roy (msytery) X
Dir. Greg Mitnick

Roy's Theme

Solving the Puzzle

The Grey Woman (comedy) X
Dir. Sayeeda Clarke
The Grey Woman    


Padre Nuestro (thriller) X
Dir. Christopher Zalla
Padre Nuestro    

NYC Subway

Skipping Work

Wings (drama / romance) X
Dir. William Wellman

First Flight

Lawrence (romance) X
Dir. Greg Mitnick

Love Theme

Find Your Voice (documentary) X
Dir. Gail Knoppe Brandon

Opening Titles

Opening Night

Max Art (dark comedy) X
Dir. Zao Wang
Max Art    

Murder Rampage

Future Imperfect (comedy) X
Dir. Marshall Lewy
Future Imperfect    

Opening Titles

Recruiter (documentary) X
Dir. Adam Salky
No Image    

Recruiting Theme

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