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"I rarely comment on score, but I love the music in Dear Lemon Lima, which is by Sasha Gordon."

"This film distinguishes itself by its sweetness, and, above all, by its music, which accompanies the slow-motion images of acrobatics in the sky and the sadness of a boy trapped in the work of his family and in search of love and his own identity."
Alice Dutto

"... Sasha Gordon's inspired music-box-and-strings score keeps the pic's head in the clouds."

"... Supported by an enveloping score, it expresses the possibility of poetry and serenity in a life at the physical limits of the world."
Enrico Bocedi

"Sasha came on board and wrote a marvelous score that any modern thriller would envy."

"Composer Sasha Gordon does a brilliant job nailing the symphonic score during many sequences."
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